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Environmental Variables in Linux

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Environmental Variables in Ubuntu :: How Code Talks within Computers running Linux


set path smartly


Run programs stored in any directory from the command line in any directory

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You found a random executable/script that you want to run from the command line in any directory local…  how do you do this?

The easiest way is to edit your .bashrc file so that Ubuntu is looking in the folder that contains the program. The .bashrc file is in your home directory as a hidden file.

In the file under the #PATH heading type

export PATH=$PATH:~/yourdirectory

Save it and restart your command line.

search multiple engines :: Meta-engines :: Search

Bored of just one engine? Why not run on multiple.



Meta-engines means multiple engines…




install R packages in Ubuntu

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1. open a command line window

2. sudo R

3. install your package


install.packages(“seqinr”, repos=”http://R-Forge.R-project.org “)


Get the R code for the functions of a package

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Download the tab ball from Cran and extract the gz to get the tar. Then extract the tar.


I use 7zip since it is free!


Look in the R folder, the code you are searching for will be there.

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