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add XY lat long latitude longitude data in Arcmap 10.3

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1. Click the + add data button and add the csv or other file with the XY data. It is helpful to have the columns labeled longitude and latitude.
2. Right click on the newly added table and display XY data.
3. There are some fields here that you can adjust if necessary, just make sure that longitude is X and latitude is Y
4. Once you click OK you will probably get a warning that says that the table you specified does not include an Object-ID field (even though it may very well).
5. Then right click on the newly made item in the table of contents, go to Data… and then Export Data…
6. You will probably want to change the name of the shape file by clicking the folder icon.
7. Then save it!

This is sort of helpful https://geonet.esri.com/thread/76217

You can also do this in the ArcCatalog




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