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find non-ascii in R

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Add timestamp to Google Sheets when data are entered

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I wanted a time/date stamp for when a particular cell was populated with data.

First you will need to open the Script editor under Tools. Then paste and edit the below code.


function onEdit(event) { 
 var timezone = "GMT-4"; 
 var timestamp_format = "MM-dd-yyyy HH:mm"; // Timestamp Format. 
 var updateColName = "value"; // Column where data are populated
 var timeStampColName = "Timestamp"; // Column where timestamp is automatically populated
 var sheet = event.source.getSheetByName("data"); //Name of the sheet where you want to run this script. 
 var actRng = event.source.getActiveRange(); 
 var editColumn = actRng.getColumn(); 
 var index = actRng.getRowIndex(); 
 var headers = sheet.getRange(1, 1, 1, sheet.getLastColumn()).getValues(); 
 var dateCol = headers[0].indexOf(timeStampColName); 
 var updateCol = headers[0].indexOf(updateColName); updateCol = updateCol+1; 
 if (dateCol > -1 && index > 1 && editColumn == updateCol) { // only timestamp if 'Timestamp' header exists, but not in the header row itself! 
 var cell = sheet.getRange(index, dateCol + 1); 
 var date = Utilities.formatDate(new Date(), timezone, timestamp_format); 
 cell.setValue(date); } 

See here for original code as well as a video

Note that if you run the script (hit Play button) in the script editor you will get an error on line 6 simply because the “event” cannot be called in the editor. The code should still work fine.


assign nearest point to a polygon

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n <- length(wer)
nearest <- character(n)
for (i in seq_along(nearest)) {
 nearest[i] <- names(polys)[which.min(gDistance(wer[i,], polys, byid=TRUE))]

This may give you warnings if your code is not projected into a planar coordinate system



add unique id to duplicated grouped rows

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get latitude longitude raster cells

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rasterToPoints(stacked) #this also gives the cell values of the raster layer or layers




number of layers in raster stack

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stack rasters with different extents etc..

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raster cell area size 1 degree cell size km2

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For a 1×1 degree cell size raster

r <- raster(ncol=360, nrow=180) #or just the default r<-raster()






R project to R package Rstudio

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This is OK


  1. Start with a Github repository. This will have a set of R sourcecode files, which collectively do something interesting.
  2. Within RStudio, create a new project, using your local Github repository as the project’s source directory.
  3. Within the “Build Tools” section of the “Project Options” make sure that you’ve selected “Package” from the “Project Build Tools” dropdown box.
  4. In that same dialog box, enter the “–no-examples” flag of the “Check Package” build options. (At this stage, you probably don’t have any examples composed. The default assumes that you do. I don’t know why this is.)
  5. If RStudio, didn’t create one, create a subdirectory in your project folder called “R”. Move all your code here. Github will reflect the deletion and new file creation.
  6. Create a DESCRIPTION file. There are numerous sources which explain how to do this.
  7. Make sure your code doesn’t have any errors in it. Easiest way to do that is to source all of them.
  8. Build the package.

A nice Video here:

Also this devtools checklist




select multiple columns of a data.table by column name

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